Ad hoc

The ad hoc research projects take into account the individual needs of companies operating on the construction market. Each research project is tailored to the specific nature of our clients' activities and the information collected strictly responds to the set research problem. Our research may, for example, concern such areas as market and customer analysis, new products, pricing issues, distribution, brand strategy, advertising.

Please contact us so that we can present a personalized research offer tailored to the needs of your company.

Research areas

Market and customers

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Research on market size and capacity We determine the number of buyers (investors / property owners, contractors) and the volume and value of product sales.
Market functioning and competition research We research how the market is developing. We identify trends and activities of competitors.
Research into the opportunities and threats of entering a new market We acquire information that allows us to develop an effective strategy for entering new markets.
Research on needs and preferences of construction market entities We help to understand needs and expectations of investors, contractors, distributors, architects and interior designers.
Satisfaction, loyalty and CX research We measure level of satisfaction of investors, contractors, distributors and architects. We monitor loyalty and factors affecting it. We determine the value of the NPS indicator.
Segmentation research We identify segments, learn about their behaviour, help select target groups and strategy.
U&A behaviour and attitude research We describe how construction market entities behave in the investment process, what materials they use and what is their attitude to the brands.

New products

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Concept tests We identify opinions of construction market entities on the concept of new products and services. We determine which elements of the concept are acceptable and which should be changed.
Product tests We determine how the investors and contractors assesses building materials and finishing ones characteristics and what changes they expect.
Packaging tests We determine investors and contractors attitudes to different packaging of building materials and help you choose the best.
Price elasticity tests We help to determine the right price for your products, using Van Westendorp's PSM analysis, the Gabor-Granger model or Brand-Price Trade-Off.

Prices and distribution

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Price Research We analyse prices of building and finishing materials and monitor trading conditions in B2B research.
Distribution Research We monitor product availability and distribution rates.
Mystery shopper We review customer service standards in construction warehouses and wholesalers.

Brand and advertising

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Research into brand awareness and brand image We identify brand awareness and perception among investors, contractors, distributors and architects and analyse brand equity.
Brand tracking research We monitor changes in the level of brand awareness and brand image over time and assess the effectiveness of marketing activities.
Pre-testing of advertisements We test various versions of creations in order to improve advertisement effectiveness.
Claims and slogan tests We help you choose an advertising slogan that best appeals to target group and stands out against the competition.
Advertising campaign effectiveness tests We determine the reach and impact of campaigns on brand awareness and image and the purchasing behaviour of the target group.

We also carry out marketing research on the construction market abroad. In recent years, we have conducted research projects mainly in the Central and Eastern Europe countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey), as well as in Norway, Germany, France and the USA.