BCMM OMNIBUD is a comprehensive research project of the construction market in Poland, implemented by BCMM – marketing research Ltd. since the end of 2004.

As part of this research, the opinions and preferences of various groups of respondents are analysed: individual investors / property owners, architects, interior designers, heads of construction depots, construction and renovation companies and contractors of building installations.

BCMM Omnibud project is constantly developing. It was originally conceived as a multi-faceted omnibus study, commissioned by several companies that included their questions in a common interview questionnaire (which significantly reduces the cost of obtaining information). Today, in addition to the cyclical omnibus survey, as part of the BCMM Omnibud project, we publish syndicated reports, monitor construction brands and carry out ad hoc research.

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Research areas

Regular Omnibud project
  • 13 research waves during the year
  • multi-faceted view of the industry
  • groups of respondents: investors / property owners, contractors, architects, distributors
  • possibility to ask only 1 question
Syndicated reports
  • essence of current knowledge
  • favourable price, starting from PLN 980 per report
  • instant access to information
  • diverse thematic offer
Brand Index
  • monitoring brands’ value and position among investors / property owners
  • assessment of effectiveness of marketing activities
  • representative sample N=1000
  • low cost of the report
Ad Hoc research
  • tailored to individual needs
  • adaptation to company’s activity
  • wide range of obtained information
  • detailed conclusions and recommendations

In the OMNIBUD omnibus survey, we ask respondents questions about various issues, although they most often concern the following areas:


Awareness and imageof your companyMarketpenetrationEvaluation of constructionIdentification ofselection factorsThe levelof satisfactionEffectivenessPreferencesand expectations


Awareness and image
of your company

level of knowledge
of brands of offered products


the number of investors
or companies using
your company's building
materials compared
to the competition

Evaluation of

products compared
to competing solutions

Identification of
selection factors

of construction products
offered by your company
and those of competitors

The level
of satisfaction

with the used building
materials and the level
of loyalty to brands and products


of undertaken
promotional activities

and expectations

regarding the offer
of products and services
available on the market